My Testimony

Hello all! Here’s my testimony poem. I could never write it out, but I prayed about this poem, I had to write it for my poetry/spoken word group, and God gave me this. :) Enjoy and be blessed.

Pop Bottles


Do you know what happens when you shake a Coke bottle?

An explosion from the pressure.

The cap flies off and Coke rapidly spills down its sides,

Leaving half the bottle empty.

I’ve been that Coke bottle plenty.

I’ve kept my opinions to myself,

Struggled with my secrets,

Like pleasing myself 15 minutes before I went to praise the Lord.

And I wondered why I couldn’t focus on Him.


I thought nobody cared about what I had to say,

No one wanted to hear my sad stories,

About how I felt lonely.

I didn’t want to be the depressing friend,

The one that only talks about her problems,

So I kept them to myself.

Found release in writing but not in the Lord so my problems didn’t go away,

They were just

“forgotten about.”

Until I exploded,

From the built up anger, frustration, and sadness.

I felt empty.

Not knowing I needed God to complete me,

I sought man’s love.

That’s why I’m single.

Masturbation and sex were pleasing to my flesh but crippling to my spirit,

While I was trying to grow in Christ, God told me to stop but my flesh didn’t want to hear it.

All those sexual feelings.

Reinforced by a man I thought was going to be my future husband.

Did I mention I’m single?

Because God saw potential that I didn’t see,

He shook up the bottle of my life,

And there was an outpouring of me.

But because I was willing, I wasn’t left empty,

He filled me up.

The spirits of lust and silence were broken,

Now I’m completely focused on Him.

Operating in God’s will and not my own,

I know this world is temporary, Heaven is my home.

Thank You, God for opening my eyes,

 So proud to be a daughter of the Most High.