Born on this day…July 16, 1862

Ida B. Wells: Journalist, Newspaper Editor, Anti-Lynching Activist


Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells was one of the foremost crusaders against black oppression. This engaging memoir tells of her private life as mother of a growing family as well as her public activities as teacher, lecturer, and journalist in her fight against attitudes and laws oppressing blacks.

Quotes from Ida B. Wells:

“The people must know before they can act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.”

“I had an instinctive feeling that the people who have little or no intelligence or no school training should have something coming into their homes weekly which dealt with their problems in a simple, helpful way…so I wrote in a plain, common-sense way on the things that concerned our people.”

“The mob spirit has grown with the increasing intelligence of the Afro-American.”

“The city of Memphis has demonstrated that neither character nor standing avails the Negro if he dares to protect himself against the white man or become his rival.”

“The nineteenth century lynching mob cuts off ears, toes, and fingers, strips off flesh, and distributes portions of the body as souvenirs among the crowd.”

“The white man’s victory soon became complete by fraud, violence, intimidation and murder.”

“If it were possible, I would gather the race in my arms and fly away with them.”

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If we don’t tell our stories, who will?
Barbadian writer Shakirah Bourne  (via caribbeancivilisation)

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As I try to finish these poems, I know exactly why I didn’t finish these poems. They’re not bad. I’m just kind of stuck. They’re at parts that almost make the piece sound complete, but you just know they’re not. There’s a comfort and an anxiety to it. It’s like this is lovely, but how in the world am I going to finish this? How are the next couple of lines going to make this piece better?

So I have this awesome idea for a new story…
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I support every single writer at or that went to my alma mater because they are all really good. This awesome woman, Nicole Lockhart, has a book coming out next month titled Unadequate (and no, it’s not a real word). She had the idea and used NaNoWriMo as the vehicle for that idea and would you look at that? She’s a real published author with a real published book. Watch the video and visit for more information.

Before tendinitis - Mmm, nope. Definitely not writing today. Not feeling it.  I don’t know where this story is going anymore.

After tendinitis - Oh my gosh! I have a brilliant idea. Actually, a LOT of brilliant ideas. Go write them now. Don’t stop! Learn to type faster using one hand! GO! You haven’t been writing for weeks. Time to catch up.

If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.
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I have 693 words.

I have finally started writing my story.  I had a start to it from NaNoWriMo last year, but I kept getting a new scene in my head so I went with that. I’m still planning on incorporating that into the story because it’s still relevant. But I’m proud of myself for actually writing. I’m proud of myself for not going back and picking apart everything. I’m proud of my 693 words.