#tbt Urgent Message Dance Troupe and Order My Steps Step Team performing (praising the Lord!) to Riot by Tedashii. One of the last dances before I graduated. I miss these days!!!

This is the last dance I did with the dance and mime troupe, Urgent Message. The dance and mime troupe is under the Elon University Gospel Choir at Elon University. 

This a very beautiful lyrical dance to the song Deep Blood Red by Mali Music. Enjoy!


Hi friends! Tomorrow, my spring break begins! (finally). As usual, I will be going on tour with the Elon University Gospel Choir! This year, we are heading to Atlanta and New Orleans. I’m super excited. I’ve been waiting all school year for this honestly. I’ve never been to New Orleans and I’ve always wanted to go. There will be no using social media so I’ll update yall when I get back (and hopefully I’ll have some pictures).Please pray for us as we go out into the world and minister. Pray that we minister to ourselves as well. Pray for traveling mercies and against all injuries and illnesses. I will continue to pray for those things as well. I need to write the poem that I’ll be ministering….I’ll will start on it tonight! Have a great night y’all! Be blessed <3

Worship in Motion!

I’ve missed you, Tumblr! I had to take a break in preparation for this dance worship night called Worship in Motion. It was awesome!!! Praise God! I might post videos on here if they find their way to YouTube. I had a mime solo and it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be; mostly likely because it wasn’t about me! It was so good, y’all. We had lyrical dance, hip hop, step, and mime. It was the best one yet! Next year will be even better! I’ll be in the audience next year since I’m graduating. : / I can’t believe Worship in Motion is over. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Oh, I just remembered: pictures were taken so I’ll post those too!

Be blessed!