My problem is that I fall in love with words, rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts, instead of reality. And it will be the death of me.

You know what’s funny? How time moves or how people perceive time to be moving. Some people, like me, think this month is going by fast. Others think this month is going by slowly. They are glaring at the calendar and wishing it could be a certain date. I try not to do that anymore - wish for it be a certain date. I try to take everything day by day even if most of those days end up being boring and my fun, adventurous day is waiting on that faithful date. Because that day will come and you will enjoy it and you will want it go by slowly. But then, you’ll go to sleep and wake up and realize it’s the next day. You’ll realize that the fun day is over. And then you’ll look at the calendar for the next day to set your hopes on. This isn’t bad all the time. I think it’s okay to do this every once in a while. There are days we are waiting for that hold so much joy we can’t wait until just that day to express it. Try to find something to look forward to in each day and maybe they won’t all just be boring, waiting days.

  • I watched the ABC Family show Baby Daddy and I actually liked it. 
  • I wrapped up all my creative writing stuff.
  • I didn’t do any research so I could go ahead and write questions and contact the next person I want to interview.
  • My second journalism piece got published today. (Click to read)
  • I need to get my clothes ready for tomorrow.
  • Ginger ale. Yes, please.

I’m getting through this day. I’m subbing again. I’m gonna finish my book and then head to lunch.

I don’t take a lot of selfies because I almost always look like a floating head.

I need to take these two characters I love from one of my old stories and put them in a new one. I also need to go to sleep lol

Repeating “God will supply all my needs” as I think about the budget we planned earlier. I was excited about moving into an apartment with my sister earlier after we went out and scouted. Now, I’m not. My sister also got me hyped about getting a dog and now it looks like we might not get one…so yeah. And I haven’t been working during this “year off” so I don’t have any money to contribute (hence my frustration in a previous post about missing opportunities to substitute teach). So I’m massaging my temples and praying and trying not to worry. I probably worry too much. No, I definitely do. Probably because I expect certain things to happen and I don’t understand why they don’t. And when I seek answers, I get silence. Sigh. Life is hard, folks. Don’t give up though.

When your crush writes something about love and you’re just like, “Me! I will love you!”