I sucked it up and called one of the places for my story. It went well. They should be getting back in touch soon. I’m working on the other place now. I wish they had a direct email or a phone number. That would make things easier.

I have 693 words.

I have finally started writing my story.  I had a start to it from NaNoWriMo last year, but I kept getting a new scene in my head so I went with that. I’m still planning on incorporating that into the story because it’s still relevant. But I’m proud of myself for actually writing. I’m proud of myself for not going back and picking apart everything. I’m proud of my 693 words.

The ending to this story.

Eh. I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love with it. Regardless, I like the rest of the story and I will be turning it to class on Thursday.

Why not, Tuesday? Some might ask. (No one probably) It is a Tuesday, Thursday class. Well. It’s 15 and a half pages single-spaced so I think the class would appreciate the weekend to read and digest it. (Hopefully enjoy it).

I still owe you folks pictures from ATL and Louisiana. Will do! Soon. 

Have a great day!

It is finished.

I’ve finally finished my story for class. First draft. I won’t have time to really go through and edit and create a real second draft, but it’ll do. I have time to edit things I’ve been dying to fix and bypassed so I could just finish the darn thing. I need a title. I’m thinking about Making Life Suck Less. I’ll probably hate it tomorrow. I’m also on the fence about the ending, but I’m happy that I finally have an ending to hate.


Drafts is saving you from bad, tiny poems

So in honor of pretty good writing, I’d like to share with you all that I finally started a story to share with the class on Sunday and I worked on it some more today. I read over it and actually still like it! What do you know? Is there a full moon tonight or some other phenomenon?  So I’m enjoying this process. Other accomplishments: one load of laundry done! Time to go to the library and stop procrastinating on this other assignment. I wish all homework were as fun as it is for creative writing.

Be productive and blessed!

Excuse my ramblings

I’ve been afraid to write lately. I have no idea why. I think I just want to write well and not have a million errors or thoughts that make everything I write seem wrong. I also want to be able to finish the story…

Reading all these awesome stories for my school’s literary magazine

And I’m like, “I wanna write!”

I read the story I was supposed to be working on and it was good. I just kind  a, sorta forgot where I was going with it.

I have to get back in the groove especially since I’m writing from a guy’s point of view.

Words so far

For NaNoWriMo:

Day 1 = 0

Day 2 = 765

(Yes, I just started at midnight. I expect that number to grow later on today. Now, time for bed. Class in the morning!)

Goodnight, beautiful people.

P.S. Clearly, as of now, I’m doing a no-pressure NaNoWriMo Novel lol.