I am not in a rut.

The desire to have a job is no longer stressing me out. It’s no longer being placed above my desire to love and serve God. I’m acknowledging this period in my life as a new chapter and not as a waiting period. I’m learning to be proactive. I’m not just waiting for a job, I’m writing a novel (fun and nerve-racking woot woot). I’m trying to find somewhere I can dance because I miss it so much. I’m trusting God and by doing that, I’m not limiting my future. I was very focused on getting a job in journalism, but by using this time to write now, maybe I’ll be able to start my dream job of being an author. Who knows?! But what I do know is that I’m not in a rut. I won’t be miserable because I don’t have a job. I won’t worry so much about school loans. I’ll just trust God and I’ll write. And I’ll dance too.

Today I’ll be teaching my cousin and sister how to mime and I’ll be teaching them a hip hop dance. It’s going to be a fun day. 

Empty living room or dance studio?

Empty living room or dance studio?

Worship in Motion!

I’ve missed you, Tumblr! I had to take a break in preparation for this dance worship night called Worship in Motion. It was awesome!!! Praise God! I might post videos on here if they find their way to YouTube. I had a mime solo and it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be; mostly likely because it wasn’t about me! It was so good, y’all. We had lyrical dance, hip hop, step, and mime. It was the best one yet! Next year will be even better! I’ll be in the audience next year since I’m graduating. : / I can’t believe Worship in Motion is over. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Oh, I just remembered: pictures were taken so I’ll post those too!

Be blessed!

They liked it!

Everyone liked my mime.

And one of my friends cried a little bit.

She said it ministered to her which is what I was praying about.


Look at God.

Now there is another for next week. I have liturgial mostly complete, but I wanted to do hip hop next. So we’ll see what happens.

I have a lot of stuff to do and not a lot of time to practice so hip hop might have to wait until after break.

Well, I hope yall have a lovely and productive day.

Go with God! Stay blessed.

Dancing for the Lord > dancing at a party

Urgent Message Practice tomorrow!

Mission Statement

Mark 16:15 - And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”