#tbt Urgent Message Dance Troupe and Order My Steps Step Team performing (praising the Lord!) to Riot by Tedashii. One of the last dances before I graduated. I miss these days!!!

One Sixteen: a play on words

I finally got the play on words in the song One Sixteen by Trip Lee. This album came out a year ago so I’m sure other people got it by now, but in case no one else did, I felt like sharing it lol.

So we all know the chorus (well those who listen to Christian rap)

All I need is one sixteen

to brag on my King

Romans 1:16

I thought he was spelling one sixteen that way to be different but one sixteen is a verse. About 16 bars is a verse. I know this because I used to want to be a rapper. 

So yeah. All he needs is one sixteen: one verse to rap about Jesus.


Derek Minor - Dear Mr Christian, Ft. Dee-1 & Lecrae

Derek Minor releases a track that reminds us that we can’t know who someone is without knowing where they’ve been. 

(via welovechristianmusic)

KB - Killing the game for His glory alone.

Empty living room or dance studio?

Empty living room or dance studio?

I don’t know where this choreography bug came from…

but I wish I had a guy friend who would like this song and dance to it with me. 

One of my favorites off this mixtape! I want to meet him when I go to New Orleans with my Gospel Choir!

One of my favorites off this mixtape! I want to meet him when I go to New Orleans with my Gospel Choir!

Worship in Motion!

I’ve missed you, Tumblr! I had to take a break in preparation for this dance worship night called Worship in Motion. It was awesome!!! Praise God! I might post videos on here if they find their way to YouTube. I had a mime solo and it wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be; mostly likely because it wasn’t about me! It was so good, y’all. We had lyrical dance, hip hop, step, and mime. It was the best one yet! Next year will be even better! I’ll be in the audience next year since I’m graduating. : / I can’t believe Worship in Motion is over. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! Oh, I just remembered: pictures were taken so I’ll post those too!

Be blessed!

Dancing for the Lord > dancing at a party

Urgent Message Practice tomorrow!

Mission Statement

Mark 16:15 - And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”