Why can’t dealing with feelings just be a little easier? Like, I’m trying so hard to do the right thing and then it all crumbles…

When your crush writes something about love and you’re just like, “Me! I will love you!”

I used to have this problem with sharing my writing because I thought it was “too girly” and “emotional” and corny, but what is wrong with that? Why did I think it was so wrong to feel those things? Why does society look down upon a woman writing about her emotions, of how she is sad, or mad, and depressed, or upset with her life. Why does society make it seem as if it’s stupid and naive for a woman to document and express what hurts and aches?

Why did I think it was drastically weak to express my emotions? Having feelings do not make me weak. Writing about them, only makes me braver.

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having a crush on someone is like when you eat a dorito and you don’t chew it enough and you feel it slide slowly down your throat and slice up your insides

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You know how you just feel off or you’re having an off day and you try to do something simple like watch a movie, but even that goes wrong? The feeling is awful.


can there be a “no” button for feelings you don’t want

Trying to write about my feelings and experience in New Orleans.

You know how when you try to describe something and the words aren’t matching with what you’re going for?

Me. Currently.

Back to studying.

Note to self

Stop trying to compare yourself to other people. It’s a waste of time.


That’s sort of my mood now.  I’m fiercely avoiding this paper I have to write. I’m worried about what my newspaper articles will look like and avoiding the school paper like the plague till I feel I have adequate time to complete stories properly. And with all this rush of work, I may never write till Winter Term or Spring Semester.


I just want to go home, sleep, eat, watch tv, and be with my family.

November 25.

Let’s get it.