I had to take photos for class. I had to use the manual setting on this amazing camera. There are a lot of crappy pictures lol, but it was fun. I might take a few more. I have to pick my best three. I might share them.

I’m really excited to start getting into web design and development tomorrow. Since we’re learning the basics, it will probably seem more like a review. A much-needed review lol. 

The ending to this story.

Eh. I don’t hate it, but I’m not in love with it. Regardless, I like the rest of the story and I will be turning it to class on Thursday.

Why not, Tuesday? Some might ask. (No one probably) It is a Tuesday, Thursday class. Well. It’s 15 and a half pages single-spaced so I think the class would appreciate the weekend to read and digest it. (Hopefully enjoy it).

I still owe you folks pictures from ATL and Louisiana. Will do! Soon. 

Have a great day!

I just want to write a bunch of poems about you. Maybe then my heart will be satisfied. Maybe then the fantasy will die.

Writers! Help me out please

For my final project on my blog about creative writing, I’m writing about writing routines. So if you have one, even if you don’t, take the quiz please. (There is an option for if you don’t have a routine). I would like to have a ton more people take it because it looks like the people I emailed might not get back to me so my grade might be largely based on this. So help me out! It’s really short. Thanks. :)

And even if you don’t take it, at least reblog.


I survived the first day of class

It also helped that we got on Twitter within the 1st five minutes. 

Name of class: Social Media Skills for Journalists.

We will be tweeting a lot. :) Which is good because I need to do something to keep up the professional Twitter. I’m thinking about starting a second blog here and making it a professional writing page. I think that would be fun, especially because I secretly joined Tumblr because peoples’ books/writings have been discovered. 

To be picked out of the thousands, if not millions of people on Tumblr with writing blogs, and to be offered a writing deal/contract, says something.

Well, time to get back to work. I’ve got a lot of reading to do.

Professional Twitter: bwashington2013 (no shenanigans please)

Personal Twitter: B_Bl3ss3d (shenanigans welcome)

Packing for School.

I know that I’m really fortunate! I have a lot of clothes and I have some clothes to be donated.

I just have a lot of stuff in general. And since we lost the truck in a car accident, it’s gonna be a lot of work moving this stuff. Both the cars are going and I will probably have to drive.

I’m excited to see my friends and roomies! :) I have the best roommates ever this year! They are waiting for me. :D

Oh, I was supposed to treat them to some Panera bagels….Errr, but I’m out of money!

I can treat them some other time. :)

God bless. Have a wonderful day. Praying for those who suffered Irene’s wrath. There are some floods and power outages.

My big brother turned 22 today

He’s not my biological brother, but I love him just the same.

He will be graduating from college this year. *sigh* I will miss him terribly. We rang his birthday last night: Pasta and German chocolate cake. Yummy!

I will be giving him my little token of appreciation later.

In other news, my paper is not due tomorrow (Praise the Lord!) but Thursday; like I first anticipated.

I hope you all are enjoying my new story. No comments make me unsure….but I will keep posting it nevertheless. Maybe someone is enjoying it after all. I’m trying to keep the posts small, but sometimes I don’t know a good place to break them so bare with me.

Lunch soon! Class soon! Dance, Exec board, and homework.

Busy, busy, busy. Two weeks left. Good luck to you if you are still in school. If you aren’t, sleep in for me!

Creative Writing Class Story - Untitled

            I knew today was not a good day to go to Wal-Mart. Now I’m standing in line with some fool pointing a gun between me and the cashier. Julius just had to get this videogame today. I told him to wait; plus I was still in my bed when he called. I got out of bed for this?

            Julius grabbed my hand as soon as masked man pulled his gun. When he did that, I got the feeling that something bad was going to happen to us. My feelings are rarely wrong. My grandma calls it a gift. All the women in my family have it. It’s like intuition on steroids. You just absolutely know.

            I squeezed Julius’s hand. The masked man screamed, “Don’t move,” and continued to wave the gun between me and the cashier. He demanded the money be put in a giant, black garbage bag he pulled out his back pocket.

            I felt Julius pull me back. I dug my heels into my sneakers and kept my feet stationery.

            “Don’t,” I whispered to Julius without taking my eyes off the man. But of course, Julius didn’t listened. He never listened to anybody.

            “Relax,” he said as he pulled me behind him and stepped forward.

            The man pointed the gun at Julius. I caught my breath. He better not die.

            Julius held up his hand. “I can’t have you pointing your gun at my girl.”

            “Well aren’t you Mr. Chivalrous?” the man replied. “Don’t try anything.”

            I tried not to roll my eyes. If we don’t get shot, I’m beating Julius’s behind!

            Julius didn’t respond and the cashier was putting the  money in the bag as fast as she could. I wondered where the security guard that was breathing down my neck earlier was. He was following me around like I was going to steal everything I had in my cart. I can afford basketball shorts and Gatorade.  I wanted to tell him to go look for someone who might actually be stealing something.

            Just then, the too-serious security guard appeared. I heard struggles at the other registers. The masked man was not alone and neither was the security guard.

            The masked man turned to investigate the noises of struggle with his gun held high in the air. The security guard tried to snatch the gun, but failed. The masked man pulled the gun back towards us. His tightened grip caused him to pull the trigger. Julius was shot in the chest. My heart stopped and we both fell backward. There were screams and panic broke out. I couldn’t breathe. I landed on my butt and sort of caught Julius; his head lied in my lap.  He was gasping for air as well. I realized I was having an asthma attack. I searched for my inhaler. I heard sirens. Police officers stormed into Wal-Mart. Before we both stopped breathing, I realized I left my inhaler in the car.

Creative Writing Class!!!

I love it already.

Even though we are doing poetry for the first half of the semester, it’s cool. I do enjoy poetry.

But fiction writing is my heart.

We don’t have class Thursday :D that’s crazy, but she has a conference to go to.

My first out of class poem is done. I might write another one to see which one I like better. She gave us a prompt for it.

I will post the poem later on since I really quite like it.

It’s called a Piece of Memories.