Three Roses: Finale

Three Roses Summer Tour

Album (Full Bloom) dropped: June 15, 2016


  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Charleston, SC
  • Richmond, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • New York, NY
  • Boston, MS
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Franciso, CA
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Houston, TX
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Miami, FL

The Three Roses album and tour were extremely successful. The ladies earned a lot of money and became the number one R&B group. They performed on the BET Awards and got even more publicity.

Myron and Leila got married at the end of the tour. Shane and Nia got engaged. Myra and Chet were still dating. Myra decided to quit her teaching job and focused on her singing career.

Fayetteville, NC

Girls Night at Nia’s

The girls were dressed in their pajamas and sipping champagne.

"We did it ladies!" Leila said.

The ladies cheered.

"I’m so proud of us," Myra said, grinning.

"I always knew we could do it," Nia said.

"So what’s next?" Leila asked.

"Godchildren," Myra and Nia said simultaneously.

Leila blushed. “Maybe after the second album.”

"Well they would be my nieces and nephews too huh?" Myra laughed.

"Yes they would!" Leila said and shook her head.

"What’s the next album gonna be called?" Nia asked.

"I wanna keep the play on Roses," Leila said.

"Agreed," Nia and Myra said simultaneously.

"Thorns?" Leila said.

"Too angry," Myra replied. "Umm…Petals?"

"I kinda like it," Nia replied. "Does he love me or does he love me not? I’m plucking off the petals to see what its got, to tell me. I gotta know, I gotta know." Nia sang.

"That’s a song," Leila and Myra said.

Nia smiled.

"But no forreal," Leila said. "What is the name?"

Nia shrugged. “What’s in a name?”

"Quoting Shakespeare now huh?" Leila rolled her eyes and poured some more champagne.

"Hey, we still have time," Nia said.

"You’re right," Myra said.

"Fresh?" Leila suggested.

"Like fresh flowers?" Nia asked.

"And we’re dropping a fresh, new album!" Myra added.

"Love it!" They all agreed.

"Fresh: Summer 2017. Let’s get it!" Leila said.

Three Roses (Continued 23)

Leila read

Hello ladies. Welcome to California. Feel free to help yourselves to anything you’d like. Don’t pay for anything. Put it on Stylz’s tab. I’m going to treat my next big stars to a wonderful week. Enjoy.

P.S. Yes, I really mean anything

The girls screamed with excitement.

"Well lunch is on the boss," Myra said.

The ladies grabbed their purses and headed out. They had a great lunch. They saw the sights after lunch and got a massage from a mini spa downstairs in the hotel. Then they went to bed. They had to meet with the boss the next day.

The Next Day

The girls headed down to Ear Candy Records and met up with Stylz. They talked about doing a small tour during the summer when Mrya had off from work. She didn’t want to quit without being sure they would be successful. That and it would be hard to leave the kids. They would also start recording soon after they returned from Cali. The boss told them to get excited. Big things were about to happen for the Three Roses. Their dreams were about to come true.

More to come!

Three Roses (Continued 22)

After a lovely first class flight, the ladies touched down in Cali. All of them were estatic. They met up with their driver. They gathered their bags and headed to their five star hotel in their limo. Leila snapped pictures left and right.

"Facebook!" Leila said, reviewing the pictures.

Nia rolled her eyes. Myra looked at the pictures with Leila. “Not that one. I look crazy.”

"All of them go up. Untag yourself," Leila stuck her tongue out.

Myra rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

They arrived at the hotel and the bell hop took their bags to their rooms.

They got acquainted with their beds and then met up in the hallway.

"So what’s up now?" Leila asked.

"Well, we aren’t seeing boss man till tomorrow….so I guess we can chill," Nia said.

"Lunch anyone? I’m starving!" Myra said.

The bell hop appeared and handed Leila a note.

"Thank you," Leila said. The bell hop tipped his hat.

"Who’s it from?" Myra asked.

"Boss man," Leila replied. She opened the note and read it.

More to come!

Three Roses (Continued 21)


Nia finished packing her bags. Odelia wandered into Nia’s room.

"Why can’t I go to California with you Mommy?" she asked and she wrapped her arms around Nia’s waist.

Nia gently rubbed her head. “Because Mommy has grown up business to handle and I can’t watch you all the time. You will have fun with Shane and Grandma. I promise.”

"I know. But I will have more fun with you. I will miss you Mommy," Odelia looked at her with big, sad puppy dog eyes.

Nia kissed her forehead. “I will miss you too sweetie. Is your stuff ready?”

"Yes ma’am."

"Ok sweetie. Get your coat. It’s time to go."

Nia carried their stuff to the car. She made sure Odelia was buckled up and then drove to Shane’s house.

Shane came off the porch and wrapped his arms around Nia. He kissed her.

"Have a good trip," he said with a smile on his face.

"Thanks," Nia smiled back.

She handed him Odelia’s bags. She hugged Odelia for a long time, kissed her on the forehead, and gave Shane another kiss. She drove off, trying to fight the tears. She picked up Myra and Leila and they headed to the airport.

"Cali for a week?!" Leila exclaimed! "Time to get it in!"

More to come!

Three Roses (Continued 20)

Nia dragged Myra to the bathroom. Nia locked the door.

"Alright. Let’s talk it out. Come out of the stall, Leila. I will come in there after you," Nia said.

Leila came out the bathroom with tissue in her hands. She had been crying.

"I’m sorry I’m not good enough for your brother," Leila spat.

Myra rolled her eyes. “I never said you weren’t good enough. It’s just….you get around…all your trysts and etc….I’m just concerned of how you will respect my brother.”

"I do respect your brother. I love him. And I love you. We didn’t tell you before because we didn’t know where it was going to go. To be honest, it was just sex at first. So why get you involved?" Leila sighed and held her head. "Since we’ve become serious, I haven’t seen any other man nor do I intend on seeing another man. Myron means too much to me to just be messing around with some other guy."

Myra looked down then back into Leila’s eyes. “I’m sorry. But I see that you will take good care of him now. I trust you Leila. I always get a little jealous of my brother’s girlfriends. Just bare with me.”

Nia smiled. “Now the world’s a better place. Let’s get out of here.

The girls exited the bathroom and joined their party.

More to come!

Three Roses (continued 19)

Three months later, the girls and the FreshSoundz crew went out to celebrate. FreshSoundz was now operating under that one record company and Three Roses was blowing up quick. DJ Play That Son made them famous in NY. In a few weeks, all of them would be heading to Cali to see how headquarters operated and to meet with the boss about getting a mini tour started. The ladies hadn’t seriously began recording their official album yet, but the boss said they had time to let their mixtape play out.

They were eating at an upscale Italian restaurant. After the wine glasses, had been filled, Myron got everyone’s attention.

"Hey guys. I just want to say thank you for your support and your hard work. We did it. FreshSoundz has its first artist."

Everyone applauded and thanked Myron. Myron smiled and grabbed Leila’s hand. Leila stood up.

"I would also like to say that Leila and I have been seeing each other for a while now. We have decided to make it official and come out with it before all the cameras and reporters are in Three Roses’ grill."

Myra choked on her wine and Nia smiled.

"I knew y’all had a thing," Nia said.

"Why didn’t you tell me?!" Myra exclaimed.

"You don’t want us to be together do you?" Leila asked.

Myra didn’t say anything and Leila ran off.

More to come. Sorry for the uber wait!!!

Three Roses (Continued 18)

The Grown and Sexy Listening Party

In Bloom: The Mixtape by Three Roses

Produced by FreshSoundz: Myron Smith, Tommy Johnson, Micah Mitchell

9100 Fayetteville St

Club Smooth

10 pm - 2 am

Happy Hour: 11-12 Buy one drink, get one free!

September 25, 2015

Everyone came out to Club Smooth dressed to kill. The ladies were in the VIP section to club with their guests and family. Myra brought Chet and Nia brought Shane. Leila brought her friend Antonia. They start off the celebration with one of their upbeat songs. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. The ladies mingled with the crowd and personally thanked them for coming. After all, these were future fans that would buy their album.

Myron and his connects paid off: They had two heavy hitters in the building: DJ Play That Son! from Brooklyn, New York and Stylz, the owner of Ear Candy Records in Los Angeles, California. DJ Play That Son! is the hottest DJ in the world. He has mad skills on the ones and twos and if he likes your record, consider yourself a star. He is radio show, Only the Best, is set up on multiple airwaves so that people in all 50 states have access to it. Stylz has 5 artists blowing up the airwaves. Each of them having number 1 hits. Only the best get signed by Stylz.

Among sipping some champagne and relaxing with family and friends, the ladies were in work mode as well. They sat and talked with both DJ Play That Son! and Stylz about where they see their careers going and how they plan on inspiring people with their music.

DJ Play That Son! and Stylz like what they heard. They both had copies of the mixtape to take home and listen and examine personally. Myron and his crew also discussed things with them. He didn’t want the ladies to be moved to Ear Candy Records. He wanted them to blow up FreshSoundz.  Stylz agreed and understood. He told Myron he was thinking about expanding Ear Candy Records and to incorporate FreshSoundz, maybe have FreshSoundz as the Southeast Division of ECR. Myron and his crew were down for that.

The ladies were excited. The party went well. Everyone had a great time. They sent their guests off with what would be their first single and a thank you card. The heavy hitters received the full mixtape, a thank you, and their favorite alcholic beverage.

Big things had been set in motion. All Three Roses had to do was sit and wait.

More to come!!!

Three Roses (Continued 17)

Saturday Afternoon

The weekend had come quickly and they were back in the studio, finishing up the mixtape. Nia had dropped Odelia off at her grandmother’s.

"Congratulations Ladies. In Bloom is complete," Myron said smiling.

The girls squealed and hugged each other. They hugged Myron as well.

"The crew and I will edit it and yall can come back to the studio and tell me what you think. We will have a grown and sexy listening party where I will try to get in touch with people who know some people and see if we can’t get any heavy hitters in the spot. What do yall think?"

"That sounds great," Nia said smiling.
"We’re gonna be famous!" Myra said.

"God willing. He has brought us this far. I hope He will see us through," Leila said.

"Amen," Myra said smiling at Leila.

"Well, yall are done for the day. Unless yall wanna chill for a lil while."

"I have to go. I have to meet someone in an hour or so." Nia said, gathering up her stuff.

"Me too actually," Myra said gathering her stuff as well. "Who are you meeting? Yall know I’m going to see Chet."

"Shane," Nia replied.

"That fine piece of man cake? I could eat him up!" Leila said smiling.

"Yes that fine piece of man cake," Nia said laughing. "When are you going to get your own piece?"

"Don’t worry about me. I get mine every once in a while."

"You need to get one and settle down. You’re not gonna be young forever." Myra said.

"I can be old and alone if I want," Leila said.

"We won’t let you," Nia smiled and kissed her on the forehead. "See yall!" Nia waved and left.  Myra hugged Myron and Leila. "Bye yall."

Myron and Leila were left alone. Myron pulled her close to him.

"So when are we gonna be together?"

"I answered that last night."

"When will you be ready? Are you seeing someone else?"

"If I am, it’s none of your business," Leila said, looking at him like he was crazy.

He rolled his eyes and tried to kiss her, but she moved.

"What if Myra or Nia see?"

"They are gone," Myron said, pulling her closer.

"What if they forgot something," she said.

"They didn’t. What does it matter if they find out anyway?"

"Everything matters!" Leila pulled away.  "Maybe we should…"

"Don’t say it," Myron said. "I’ll be patient. I’m sorry. You know I care about you. A lot."

"I care about you too. I’m just scared."

"You don’t have to be," Myron held out his hand and Leila took it.

More to come!!!

Three Roses (Continued 16)

Monday Afternoon

Leila was chilling in between yoga classes. She got a text message from a male friend.

Male Friend: Can I see you tonight?

Leila: What are we gonna do?

Male Friend: Chill, talk, watch movies

Leila: is that all?

Male Friend: we can do whatever you want baby.

Leila: :) alright. I will see you tonight. I have been missing you. Your place or mine?

Male friend: my place; I will have something special set up for you.

Leila: Special? Since when did we do special?

Male friend: since I realized you are really worth it.

Leila: don’t tell me you’re catching feelings.

Male friend: don’t tell me you’re not.

Leila: I will see you tonight; same time?

Male friend: always.

Leila put down her phone, smiled, and started stretching.

Later that night

Leila pulled up into her male friend’s driveway. She had on a short black dress and some heels. She grabbed her clutch and headed towards the door. She rang the doorbell and he answered the door.

"Hey Leila," he said with a smile on his face.

"Hey Myron," she said, smiling in return.

More to come!

Three Roses (Continued 15)

Saturday Evening

After rehearsal and after Odelia was tucked in bed, Nia decided to call Shane.

"Hello?" he said.

Nia hesitated. “Hi. It’s Nia.”

"What’s up Nia?"

"Nothing much. What’s up with you? Are you busy?"

"Nope. What’s on your mind?"

Nia held her tongue from saying you. “I’d thought I’d be nice and give you a call since you went through the trouble of writing your number down.”

Shane smiled. “It’s nothing. I just wanted to see how you’ve been. So…how you’ve been?”

"Good. I still miss him though."

"Me too. I was just thinking about it and I realize how this could be awkward for you."

"You said you just wanted to talk." Nia said.

"I do. I mean, if you only want to talk as friends that’s fine. My original intentions were not to get with you. When I saw your daughter I remembered I had been missing out on her life. She’s my family too and I wanna be there for her."

"I understand that. All three of us can hang out. Maybe one day, just the two of us."

"Really?" he asked.

"We’ll see," Nia said smiling.

"So tell me more about," Shane said.

Nia started talking and they stayed on the phone for 3 hours.

More to come!!!