I’m feeling thrown off. A bunch of little things have been bothering me. I’m sure I’ll be all right. I think I just need some more rest. And I shall talk to Jesus…

Kicking myself for not asking for dollar amounts in this new magazine piece I’m working on. Darn Huffington Post. Sigh. I still need to figure out the whole voter registration thing.

I forgot to update my voter registration…

I just want to write a bunch of poems about you. Maybe then my heart will be satisfied. Maybe then the fantasy will die.

Battling Biology

It goes down tomorrow.

My bio exam is at 1 on Saturday. I was studying lol. I shall get back to it soon.

I need to tackle this paper as well.

It’s about WikiLeaks. Would like to share any info (your opinion) on WikiLeaks? I need quotes.

Leave me some info.


What in the world

I had a dope post about being a ninja night photographer. then this computer did some voodoo stuff and went to google. My cool post is gone. It’s 11:24 pm. I’m tired and do not feel like retyping it.



Goodnight. I hope your computer does not voodoo away your posts.