Weekend Plans

I usually just sit around the house and watch TV and movies (which aren’t bad weekend plans at all!) but this weekend there are a few interesting things to do outside the house. There’s a poetry open mic Friday and a mime conference on Saturday. I’m on the fence about both because I’m used to being in the comfort of my own home, you know, not socializing lol. I don’t have friends to go with either. Well, I should double check, but usually I don’t. That always makes leaving the house easier. I’ll probably end up going to both. I’d really love to share a poem and see some mining. Do y’all have weekend plans yet? Do you usually end up doing more spur of the moment things?

book·lov·er [book-luhv-er]: a person who enjoys reading books


Print books, ebooks, audiobooks, library books, old books, new books, secondhand books, flipback books, and so on. The format does not, and should not, matter. 

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God, i need you to guide me. I am so stuck and lost. I can’t do this without you. I need You.

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Avoiding cooking dinner and desperately wanting to go get a Dairy Queen blizzard in a waffle cone…